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    FITDASH-BLADE™ Multifunctional Myofascial Massage Tool

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    Meet Your Ultimate Muscle & Fascia Care Companion!

    Introducing the FITDASH-BLADE™ Multifunctional Myofascial Massage Tool, a cutting-edge device designed to provide a comprehensive and effective massage experience.

    This advanced tool is equipped with several powerful features to help you achieve optimal muscle recovery and relaxation.



    ☑️ Big M Blade: Recommended for dealing with large muscle groups, such as the thigh muscles, trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi, and other sizable areas.

    ☑️ Hook Blade: Designed for fixed-point combing and used for strip fascia, particularly beneficial for muscles like the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

    ☑️ Sweeping Blade: Ideal for reaching deep muscles in the middle area, especially helpful for the shoulder and neck region.

    ☑️ Shark Blade: Specifically meant for targeting the finger joints and ankle joints, providing relief to those areas.

    ☑️ Bat Blade: Recommended for use on the forearm, hand, leg, and other applicable body parts.

    Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your performance or someone seeking relief from daily stress and muscle discomfort, the FITDASH-BLADE™ Multifunctional Myofascial Massage Tool is your ultimate solution.


    Simplify the complexity, carry ease in your pocket, and unlock a new level of comfort and convenience. Elevate your self-care regimen and embrace the power of versatility with our user-friendly and portable device. Simplify, combine, and rejuvenate - all in one!

    1. Simplified Design: We understand the importance of ease and convenience in your daily life.

    By integrating five specialized fascia knives into one device, we have simplified the complexity of traditional massage tools, making it effortless to use.

    2. Compact and Portable: Our 5-in-1 Fascia Blade Integration ensures that you can take your entire massage toolkit with you wherever you go.

    Its compact size and lightweight construction make it the perfect companion for gym sessions, travel, or on-the-go relaxation.

    3. Intuitive Operation: Say goodbye to complicated setups! Our device is designed with user-friendliness in mind.

    With intuitive controls and straightforward instructions, you can quickly adapt to the device, tailoring your massage to suit your needs.

    4. Versatility at Your Fingertips: Each of the five fascia blades is strategically positioned for targeting different muscle groups.

    From larger muscle areas to pinpointed trigger points, our device covers it all, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive massage experience.

    5. Enhanced Efficiency: Combining five fascia knives into one device not only saves you space but also maximizes the efficiency of your massage sessions.

    You can seamlessly transition between different blades without interruption, making your self-care routine smoother and more effective.


      Specially designed to optimize blood circulation, alleviate blood stasis, and relax your muscles. With five levels of temperature control, this versatile tool allows you to create a personalized massage routine tailored to your body's unique needs. 

      1. Cold Properties Transformed: Fitdash-Blade is designed to change the cold properties of the metal, making it an excellent conductor of heat.

      This innovative technology ensures that the scraper rapidly reaches a warm and soothing temperature, enhancing the massage effectiveness.

      2. Five Levels of Temperature Control: We believe in providing you with complete control over your massage experience.

      With five adjustable temperature levels, you can customize the heat intensity according to your preferences and specific needs.

      3. Promotes Blood Circulation: The application of heat through the blades promotes blood circulation in the targeted areas.

      Improved circulation helps deliver essential nutrients to the muscles and tissues, aiding in faster recovery and revitalization.

      4. Removes Blood Stasis: Blood stasis, a condition characterized by the stagnation of blood flow, can lead to discomfort and muscle tension.

      Our Heating Scraper's therapeutic heat helps to alleviate blood stasis, fostering a sense of relief and relaxation.

      5. Muscle Relaxation: Say goodbye to muscle tension and tightness. The gentle warmth from our Heating Scraper helps muscles relax, easing stiffness and promoting overall well-being.


      Discover the benefits of EMS micro-current therapy combined with physical stimulation and mechanical techniques. With nine adjustable levels, you have the freedom to customize your experience for maximum comfort and efficacy.

      1. 9 Levels of EMS Micro-Current: Our device offers nine adjustable levels of EMS micro-current intensity. This precise control allows you to tailor the therapy to your comfort and sensitivity levels, ensuring an optimal and personalized treatment.

      2. Physical Stimulation: Through the use of EMS micro-current, Fitdash-Blade provides gentle electrical impulses that stimulate the muscles, nerves, and tissues.

      This stimulation promotes muscle contractions and enhances blood flow, aiding in the relaxation of tense areas.

      3. Mechanical Therapy: Alongside EMS micro-current, our device incorporates mechanical therapy techniques.

      This combination synergistically targets muscle tension and stiffness, providing a more comprehensive and effective treatment.

      4. Improved Blood Circulation: By utilizing EMS micro-current and physical stimulation, the therapy significantly increases blood circulation.

      Improved blood flow delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, supporting better recovery and relaxation.

      5. Tissue Relaxation: The product relaxes tissues and reduces muscle tightness. Whether it's after a strenuous workout or a long day, our device is designed to promote deep relaxation and relief.


      1. Pain Relief: Red light at 630nm has been found to have analgesic properties, meaning it can help reduce pain perception.

      When applied to affected areas, it can alleviate both acute and chronic pain, making it a valuable non-invasive pain management option.

      2. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits: The 630nm red light pulse has anti-inflammatory effects, which means it can help reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation in tissues.

      By promoting the resolution of inflammation, it aids in the healing process and provides relief from inflammatory conditions.

      3. Enhanced Tissue Repair: Red light at 630nm has been shown to stimulate cellular activity and promote tissue repair.

      It accelerates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of cells, which helps in cellular regeneration and faster healing of injured tissues.

      4. Increased Circulation: Red light therapy at 630nm can improve blood circulation in the treated area.

      Enhanced blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, supporting the healing process and reducing recovery time.

      5. Non-Invasive and Safe: One of the significant advantages of using red light therapy at 630nm is that it is non-invasive and considered safe when used correctly.

      It doesn't involve the use of drugs or surgery and is generally well-tolerated by most individuals.


      We've prioritized your well-being and massage efficiency by creating a handle that supports your hand's natural position. Embrace a new level of comfort and control, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the massage experience.

      1. Comfortable Grip: The handle's ergonomic design ensures that it fits naturally into the contours of your hand.

      It provides a secure and comfortable grip, promoting a more relaxed and enjoyable massage experience.

      2. Enhanced Force Distribution: With its intelligent design, you'll be able to apply the necessary force precisely and effectively.

      This means you can target specific muscle areas with ease, helping you achieve better results during your massage sessions.

      3. Reduced Hand Fatigue: We recognize the importance of extended massage sessions for ultimate relaxation and muscle relief.

      The ergonomically designed handle minimizes hand fatigue, allowing you to enjoy more extended periods of use without discomfort.

      4. Non-Slip Material: Safety is paramount, and our handle's non-slip material ensures a steady grip even when your hands are sweaty or the device is used in damp conditions. This feature provides added stability and confidence during use.

      5. Intuitive Control: The handle's ergonomic design extends to the device's controls, making them easily accessible and user-friendly.

      Adjusting settings or switching between modes is a seamless experience, enhancing your overall satisfaction.


      By prioritizing fascia maintenance, individuals can ensure the healthy functioning of this tension transmission system.

      It can aid in recovery after intense workouts, prevent stiffness and soreness, and contribute to enhanced movement performance and energy efficiency.

      Fascia as a Tension Transmission System: Fascia plays a crucial role as the body's tension transmission system, effectively integrating and distributing tension throughout different areas based on the body's needs. 

      When the fascia system is damaged, it can lead to dysfunction along the tension lines, causing various abnormalities.

      Post-Exercise Recovery: Engaging in strenuous exercise, experiencing strains, sprains, or muscle damage can lead to the development of fascial nodules and adhesions. 

      These issues can cause the fascia to tightly adhere to the muscle surface, resulting in stiffness and soreness. Regular fascia maintenance can help prevent or alleviate such discomfort.

      Enhanced Movement and Energy Efficiency: The coordination between fascia and muscles is vital in generating pre-tension and storing elastic potential energy. 

      This stored energy is crucial for effective force transmission, maintaining smooth movement, and reducing overall energy consumption during physical activities.


      Comparison with Fascia Blade: The FITDASH-BLADE™ improves upon the fascia blade by offering multiple blades in one, a better grip, and a more user-friendly design.

      It also boasts higher force efficiency, making it more effective at targeting and treating pain points.

      Comparison with Fascia Gun: The FITDASH-BLADE™ offers an even application on the skin, which can provide benefits such as heating the surface and delivering deep temperature through movement.

      It also allows for varying levels of force based on individual needs and uses EMS microcurrent pulse mode to accurately stimulate fascia trigger points. I

      In contrast, the fascia gun uses spheres or awls to hit trigger points, which may not be as precise or adjustable.


      The FITDASH-BLADE™ is designed to address the needs of individuals with tense, stiff, and fatigued shoulder and neck muscles resulting from prolonged sitting and lack of exercise.

      It also aims to help those who experience muscle soreness and discomfort during exercise or other physical activities, such as tennis and golf.

      The tool is intended for use by a range of professionals, including physiotherapists, sports rehabilitation therapists, sports trainers, yoga instructors, fitness instructors, masseuses/massagers, and acupuncturists.

      The device is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for everyone to operate and use it effectively.

      The product is a versatile tool aimed at promoting muscle relaxation, reducing soreness, and providing relief to various professionals and individuals who may benefit from its features and functionalities.

      HOW TO USE

      The product is recommended for first-time users to start at the lowest level of intensity to allow the body's skin to acclimate to the treatment.

      As the skin's tolerance increases, users can gradually increase the strength of the massager for a more effective and comfortable experience.


      1. Ensure that the instrument is fully charged before use. Charge it if needed, following the manufacturer's instructions.

      2. Apply a special massage cream or lotion evenly on the area of the body where you plan to use the massager. This cream will help reduce friction and enhance the effectiveness of the massage.


      1. Select the function mode gear according to your personal tolerance and needs. The massager likely has different intensity levels or modes to choose from.

      2. Operate the massager gently and slowly on the target area. You can turn it on and start using it on your skin. 

      1. Spend a maximum of 3 minutes on each part of your body that you are treating. Overusing the massager on a specific area may lead to discomfort or adverse effects.


      1. After using the massager for fascia awakening, you can move on to the fascia release phase.

      2. Switch the massager to 0-level output or turn it off completely.

      3. Use the device to gently and slowly loosen the fascia in the target area. This part of the process may involve more stretching and relaxation techniques.


      Start with the lowest intensity or mode and gradually increase it to a level that feels comfortable yet effective for you.

      Avoid using the massager at very high-intensity levels initially, especially if you are not familiar with its effects on your body.

      Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions provided with the device for specific guidance on its operation, maintenance, and safety precautions.

      Additionally, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, it's a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or a qualified practitioner before using any massage or physical therapy tool.



      • 1x FITDASH-BLADE™ Massage Tool
      • 1x User's Manual
      • 1x USB Type-C Charging Cable


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