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    Hyper-Watch Attachments Accessories

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    Hyper-Watch Pain Pad Relief: The perfect addition to your Hyper-Watch device. This attachment is a laser pad that easily connects to your Hyper-Watch and provides targeted treatment to specific areas of your body.

    Say goodbye to sore and tired muscles with the Hyper-Watch Laser Pad. This innovative device emits a low-intensity laser at a wavelength of 650nm, penetrating the skin to stimulate cells and enhance blood flow.

    The result is faster recovery time and reduced inflammation, providing effective relief and rejuvenation for your muscles.

    Hyper-Watch Pointer: This attachment is the perfect partner for your Hyper-Watch device! This innovative accessory allows you to target specific areas of your body with pinpoint accuracy, providing effective and personalized treatment for optimal results.

    This Laser Pointer is designed to help you alleviate pain and discomfort in targeted areas, such as sore muscles, stiff joints, and stubborn knots.

    With its precise laser technology, the pointer delivers safe, non-invasive treatment directly to the source of your pain.

    Hyper-Watch Ear Probe Attachment: This attachment is the ultimate solution for those struggling with tinnitus.

    This remarkable attachment is designed to offer relief from the constant ringing, buzzing, or hissing in the ears caused by tinnitus.

    The Ear Probe is a compact and easy-to-use device that attaches to your Hyper-Watch, delivering gentle laser therapy directly to your ears.

    With the ideal wavelength of 650nm, it stimulates the inner ear and promotes blood flow, helping to reduce inflammation and swelling that can contribute to tinnitus symptoms.

    This powerful ear probe is also an effective treatment for other ear-related issues, such as otitis media, deafness, and Meniere's syndrome.

    It is painless, non-invasive, and has no side effects, making it a safe and effective solution for anyone seeking relief from ear-related discomfort.

    Experience the relief you deserve with the Hyper-Watch Ear Probe.

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